As we, CHUNG WOO ROPE, started the production of steel wire ropes & stainless steel wire ropes in 1989, we have been supplying high quality of wire ropes during last 20 years with good reputation.
We grant you to provide our best quality products by both at the right time and at the right price and also we got all related certificates like Lloyds(LRS), DNV, ABS, API, NK, etc in this time.
We operate new factory to produce bigger sizes of wire ropes from late of last year and should you have any quesiton, please don’t hesitate to contact us accordingly.
also recently we installed new machine for producing Cold drawn Bar in 2011 and supply them to USA, Europe, Asia, Africa & Middle East etc wih good reputation in this time.

1. Head office & Busan factory for Spring wire & guy strand in high carbon & Zinc-aluminum


Add : 1682-4, Songjung-dong, Gangseo-Gu, Busan, Korea

     a. Employee Office : 15 people
Factory : 40 people
2. Yangsan Wire Rope factory


Add: 508-3, Deokgye-Dong, Yangsan city, Kyungnam, Korea
Office: 10 people, Factory: 40 people

- Steel wire rope in Galv./Ungalvanized including Compacted/Swaged
6×41,6X36/37,6×31, 6×29, 6X26, 6X25, 6x19S: 8mm-76mm(5/16-3 inch)
8x19S,8×25,8×31,8×36: 8mm(5/16)-52mm( 2inch)
1X7, 3×7 6-19mm(1/4-3/4 inch)
Capacity : 1500Ton/Month
-Galvanized small cords
7×7, 7×19, 6×7,6×19: 2.0mm-20.0mm( 3/32-3/4 inch)
Capacity: 500ton per month

3. Yangsan Non-rotating & stainless steel wire rope factory as sister company of Chung Woo as named C. S. Co., Ltd


Add : 171, Soju-Ri, Ungsang eup, Yangsan-city, Kyung-nam, Korea

     a. Employees Office : 7 people
Factory : 40 people

b. Production item & ranges
- Steel wire rope in Non-rotation including Compacted
19X7, 35(W)X7, 24(W)X7,19x19S : 4-40mm(5/32-1.1/2inch)
Capacity : 400Ton/Month
-Stainless steel wire rope, T316/T304
7×7, 7×19, 1×19, 6x19S, 6×36, 19×7,35×7: 1.0mm to 28mm( 3/64-1.1/8 inch)
Capacity : 100ton per month

4. Vietnam Galv. small cord factory(GAC) located Ho Chi Minh city


7×7/6×7+PP: 1.5mm-6.0mm(3/64-1/4 inch)
7×19/6×19+PP: 2.5mm-8.0mm(3/32-5/16 inch)
With capacity of approx 350ton/month & 150 people in factory

5. Yangsan Round Bar factory as named Chung Woo Steel Bar Co., Ltd


More details for this will be provided as per your request at any time

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